New year, old projects.

It may be a new year but that doesn’t mean new projects, sadly.

I knew I had a load of projects left unfinished that were started in 2015 but I didn’t realise just how many until I had a proper good post-Christmas gutting/organising. I’ve got a big 4 x 4 squared storage unit that was in need of some serious TLC since it was overflowing and getting hard to look at. I loved pulling out all my yarn stash; rediscovering balls, projects, and ideas I’d completely forgotten about. I fell in love with things all over again and vowed to finish them all before starting anything new!

Or, you know, get it down to sub-10 WIPs at least.

So that very evening I finished this jumper in King Cole Big Value Super Chunky Tints, shade Waterfall, pattern 4286. Despite being 100% acrylic it is soft and warm with lovely large stitches. Plus the fact it’s done on 10 mm needles made it the perfect project to get finished nice and quickly to kick the plan off with a satisfying start.

Over the holidays I looked after my friend Ellie’s rabbit, Beans. Here’s a picture of the adorable little wall-paper-peeling, chocolate-stealing, wire-chewing creature.

Whilst picking him up she showed me the pieces of the crochet dragon she’s making and I’ve wanted to do some crochet ever since. So I did.

I’d made a start on my friend’s Christmas/birthday present but hadn’t really gotten anywhere, and it just so happened to be crochet, which was perfect. I wanted to make a burger and once I found Nerdigurumi’s No-Sew Hamburger pattern I knew I had to make it. Once I got past the top bun and onto the more interesting shaping of the fillings progress was increasingly quick.

Personally I find his little face and lettuce the cutest things ever.

And then I just needed to do more crochet, really, it had been too long since I last crocheted. So I picked up this simple granny square I’d started in a discontinued colour way of King Cole Gypsy Super Chunky.


I just loved the yellow when I saw it all on its lonesome at my LYS and had to have it, even though a singular 100g ball of super chunky has limited yardage and use. But I figured it would make a cute front to a cushion. And the final round ended perfectly with about two inch left! It was destined for this, clearly.

That’s 3 down in fewer days! Let’s see if it keeps up.

How are y’all approaching the new year? Starting anew or playing catch up like me?


New year, old projects.

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