Two down, loads to go!

Despite all the crochet the other day, I felt like I hadn’t quite had my fill. So last night, after an awfully long day of essay writing, I put on pyjamas, grabbed a nice warm drink, two of my oldest incomplete crochet projects, a needle & scissors (yes, I was that optimistic about finishing), and crawled into bed.

Both WIPs share a lot of similarities. They’re both cowls, crochet, made up of trebles & chains, done in King Cole Riot Chunky, started in order to learn shaping, and both abandoned because I finished the first balls of each colour way and began other garments in the meantime.

Given the similarity, I decided to pick the one that I had tried to finish most recently but kept having to rip back to attempt first. The pattern is Eleanor Burke’s Finite Cowl which I fell in love with when I saw her own in her shop. Since the pattern is worked corner-to-corner the first portion works increases, before a straight portion, and ends with decreases to create a complete rectangle. I remember starting this project and needing help from Eleanor herself to get it going, and then it took ages to get the straight bit to actually go straight! So yeah, I was worried to start it again, and I kinda had a right to be, since I had to rip it back at least five times to correct accidental increases and decreases. But I powered through with stubborn determination and here we are:

There’s quite a difference in tension, but since it’s just a cowl it’s not that noticeable or problematic. Since it’s one of those repetitive patterns I kinda got on a roll and decided to keep going and do the second one before sewing up and finishing off!

Now, this has got to be one of the first crochet things I ever started, second only to a poorly shaped blue bunny. The Attic 24 Neat Ripple Pattern was suggested to me by Eleanor Burke of Knit Nottingham and looking back it was a definitely a great starting point in terms of ease of understanding, pictorial aid, and just fun in general.

I guess to be perfect you’d cast off after the final complete row you can do, but I really liked the colours of the yarn that I’d have to discard so I just decided to go as far as I could and then decrease the stitch heights to make the stop less obvious.


Then I just mattress stitched everything up and cut off the loose ends. Which makes five! And a satisfied need to crochet. I’m not sure which project I’ll pick back up next, but I think it will definitely be knitting!

Hope everyone’s new year resolutions are going well!

Colour ways:
Finite Cowl: Joyous x2
Neat Ripple: Cool x2

P.s. Here’s a free picture of the adorable cat who helped me write this.


Two down, loads to go!

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