All work and no fun.

It turns out final year deadlines can be a whole other world of stress.

So, progress has been slow to say the least in the creative department. Which has been incredibly frustrating because all I want to do is all the things ever, never mind just knitting and crochet.

I got this beautiful spinning wheel for Christmas from the boyfriend and I’ve only been able to have a quick crack at it because of pesky coursework. And it’s just calling to me, I swear. What I spin may be uneven and even questionable but I don’t half love it and can’t wait to get back to it!

It’s an Ashford Traveller, double drive double treadle and lives at the top of my stairs so it greets me every time I enter my room.

And then there’s the sewing machine. I got it in June last year for my 21st from my Grandma and I’m ashamed to say I haven’t used it much at all. A friend generously donated a whole bunch of fabric scraps back then and I began messing around with all the different stitches. I made a small uneven cushion-esque thing, a bow, and stopped. I think the problem was I just couldn’t decide on what to do and didn’t want to ruin any fabric. It did surface again to do my first ever bit of steeking (eeek).

Boy I need to finish this jumper! It’s a DROPS free pattern done in the beautiful Patons Diploma DK and I forgot how much I love it and I can’t quite remember why I stopped knitting the sleeves, I think it was something to do with the increases being on inconsistent rows. But it’s got to be worth it right? I mean look at those colours and motifs!

Anyhow, I  have a couple of easy patterns, ideas, and a new found need to make things out of fabric and I can’t wait. I think I can blame my friend Jem for this though! She has recently brought out her second book (!!!), The Knitted Nursery Collection, and I just adore it. The use of fabric is just so a great idea and done so well!

Jems Sample

I really suggest going to have a look at all her other pictures from the book! I need to make the rabbit and felted box so badly that I seriously regret my decision to finish my WIPs before starting new projects.

I’ve managed to do a couple of rows here and there on a knit-along I’m taking part in with fellow Knit Nottingham customers. We’re making Lisa Richardson’s fairisle skirt published in The Knitter, Issue 91 using the King Cole Panache DK. Now, I’m not sure how I feel about wearing a knitted skirt, and I definitely want it shorter than one pictured, but I love how it looks and it has been super fun to work on.

I used three of the Panache colours: Pasture, Heather, and Seaspray. For the final fourth colour I chose to use King Cole Riot DK, colour way Foliage. I love this because whilst the chart is repeated the changing Riot creates loads of different colour combinations. Both yarns are single spun and so have a similar appearance and, I think, work well together.

This is my second time using the Panache and I think it’s genuinely one of my favourite yarns. Its a 50% wool 50% acrylic blend that creates a slight haze due to the spin technique. You really have to feel it, it’s wonderful, although it is a giant pain to frog! My pictures cannot due justice to the luster of the colours either so I fully recommend seeing it in real life. Though be prepared to make a purchase if you do!

Plus look at that line carrying the unused yarn creates. How satisfying is that line?

Progress is progress no matter how small I guess!


All work and no fun.

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