Another one bites the dust

Technically another two. But after finishing the first one I got the song stuck in my head and I thought I’d share.

I finished the skirt! This skirt held a couple of firsts for me which was nice and exiting. It’s my biggest fair isle project to date, and my first one in the traditional sense using more than two colours and a small count of consecutive colour stitches.

For the waist band the pattern says to knit 17 rows of ribbing, cast off, then fold over and sew in to place to create a casing for elastic. So this was also my first time using elastic in a project! I decided as I was going that I wanted a deeper band than the 17 rows gave so I just kept knitting until I was happy. And I’d seen Eleanor of Knit Nottingham use a much better technique to achieve the same finish for the hem which she was more than willing to share. It basically joins the cast off and the sewing up into the same process, and although I did it a little tight for getting on and off, I love the finished look and well anything that has less sewing to be honest.

And then I’m calling this next project done, because technically they are finished and wearable and even have all their ends sewn in. I just haven’t finished everything I wanted to in relation to them.

Now this project began all the way back in September at Yarndale when I found the stall I was most excited about: Bigwigs Angora or as I knew it at the time “the one that might have real life rabbits”. By the time I found them I’d already spent a lot of money, Yarndale is quite overwhelmingly exciting, so I just bought two balls of their Angora-dyed Merino blend (Yarrow and Nettle) because I touched it and fell in love.

I really thought about what to make and decided I wanted something that would always be in contact with my skin when wearing it and settled on gloves. After ages of searching I bought Aztek Mittens by ByAne from Ravelry because at that price it’s practically a steal and here’s the result:

In my excitement I completely forgot to change the 2.5 mm needles to 3 mm after the rib so they’re definitely on the small side but they fit  me fine so it’s fine.  All that’s left is to make an idiot cord, or you know, mitten keeper.

I know from my old trusty Alpaca fingerless gloves that my hands get way too warm in hand knitted stuff and I have to take them off when walking. Which will be more true for these gloves as I’ll have to remove them to use my phone and from the small bit of use I know they are incredibly warm. And I do not want to risk losing all my fluffy hard work.

I can’t believe the first month is almost over, time is flying by!

P.s. This blog post has been waiting to go for so long! I just couldn’t get any pictures of me in the skirt. So shout out to Liz for her help!

Another one bites the dust

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