Ending strong!

That’s the first month of the year gone. It’s flown by, it went in the blink of an eye, and all other time-related clichés. But seriously, where did it go? I guess I did lose all sense of time during deadlines and they didn’t end until the 21st of January, and then it was the first week back of my final year’s final semester (aaaaaargh) the following Monday and now it’s now.

I managed to get another project finished before the end of January though! This snuggly bat-wing-esque slouchy jumper-t-shirt thing.

I’m not sure about the sleeve length, I’m strong advocate for knitwear, especially this kind of chunky stuff, having full length sleeves. But I didn’t really think it through this time. I happened to be in my LYS the day new colour ways arrived in the King Cold Chunky Tweed range, which I already had four jumpers and a cardigan in, and I couldn’t not get this colour way. I love the tone of red with the blue flecks of the Iona and the simple pattern 4425 (that was also new in that day).

Which makes eight whole things completely finished! I’m going to be honest, I did kinda pick projects that were closest to completion or used a thicker yarn, but I wanted to make sure the first month of finishing was satisfying to kick up some momentum!

When picking the next project I thought it would be a good idea to count just how many WIPs I have left. The grand total is now 22, which casually includes a large cable-knit blanket. I couldn’t make a decision so I laid out all the projects and let the boyfriend pick. He chose the project represented by a complete back piece in King Cole’s Shine DK Poppies colour way, pattern 4378. In a couple of days I managed to complete the front and now I’m on to the sleeves!

My only issue is I didn’t pay attention doing the second side of the neck and there’s far too much red. I always work so hard on self-striping projects to get the colours to match up and, if I do say so my self, I usually somehow manage to do it incredibly well. I’d practically finished before I realised my mistake but I can’t be too upset since it happened because I was enjoying time with the boyfriend, and I could always redo it. I mean, I won’t, but I could.

I started this jumper thinking it was perfectly festive, and now I don’t think I can wear it when I finish it because it won’t be anywhere near Christmas. I guess we’ll have to see.

I hope y’all have had a great start to the year and are just as shocked by the fact it’s February as I am!

Ending strong!

2 thoughts on “Ending strong!

  1. Ann Garfitt says:

    Like the colour of your latest WiP and don’t see why you have to wait till Christmas to wear it, would be a lovely Spring colour too x


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