Socks Socks Socks

According to popular opinion finishing a single sock doesn’t count as a finished WIP. Which is a shame because I have a real habit of making odd socks. I don’t think I suffer from the whole second-sock syndrome that afflicts so many knitters, it’s more that I have so many different colour ways in my stash that I can’t wait to find out how each one knits up.

I think socks are always great things to have cast on and on the go, especially once you’ve got one or two under your belt. They’re nice and compact little projects to carry around and really rather simple without particularly needing a pattern if you’re just doing plain ones.

And because of this I’ve been knitting my socks in hallways at University and such which means a lot of people have asked about and become invested in these socks. And they are finished! My second full pair of socks!

It’s my understanding, I may be wrong, that 100 grams will do a decent pair of socks, so when Arne and Carlos did special colour ways for Regia that were 50 grams I took two of pretty much each one. However, because I have diddy feet it turns out I can get a pair out of 50g. Or, I can be so incredibly close to finishing the second sock’s toe shaping before running out completely… Luckily, the second ball started in the solid grey I needed so I just stole a bit from that and I’ll either make slightly shorter socks with that ball or combine it with others for fun.

Back in July I decided I wanted to do some fancy socks in Cygnet Truly Wool Rich 4 ply Turquoise and settled on Esther Socks by Stephanie van der Linden found on Ravelry. I even took everything I’d need on holiday with me back then, but ended up just working on the DROPs Christmas jumper of a previous post. And since I can’t cast anything new on during my self-imposed embargo, except socks, I took the opportunity to work on something new with an exciting pattern! Yes, I kinda cheated, shush. But look how great it looks! I’ve only completed the first one so far but the second one is cast on with the hem finished.

Colour matching. It has been a problem and really slowed my progress on my jumper from my last post. I made it about half way up my first sleeve when I came across a knot in my ball. I just didn’t feel like finding the correct place to carry on from for ages and then once I finally did I got about 15 rows on before I found another stupid knot! Despite it taking much longer than it should have, I did finish the first sleeve and cast on the second one. But I’m not happy with the point I cast on from, I’m out by a noticeable amount so the sleeves would look lopsided. I’ve only done the ribbing so it isn’t too annoying to go back, but I seem to be slightly obsessed with the socks…

Socks have such a stigma surrounding them in knitting but they are really not that hard. They tend to just get built up I think, so you should definitely give them a go! Warm toasty feet, who doesn’t want that? I started my first sock when I was just taking up knitting and I was fine, until I heard all the rigmarole surrounding them and got too scared to turn the heel. So really do not listen to people, just find a nice simple pattern to start with and go for it!

Socks Socks Socks

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