Car Knitting

On Friday evening I travelled to Glasgow with the University of Nottingham Taekwondo club for the weekend to train with the Glasgow and Edinburgh clubs and Grand Master Loh.


I knew it would take a long time to get up there, but I don’t think I was quite prepared for the 7 hours. Especially since I do not travel well. Luckily I can now do simple knitting without having to look too much, since trying to focus on things makes it all worse. So I thought I’d at least attempt to put the time to good use by casting on a plain sock – I’m not crazy enough to to try the lacework pattern from the last post in the dark with out looking!

I never realised that not all roads are lit up before which made the ribbing sligtly difficult. Once onto the straight bit it was easy going. Slow, but easy. Between services, sickness, and silly games I actually didn’t knit all that much. Just enough for everyone to be entertained by it. Mostly people found it interesting, others laughed and asked how old I am. Which I think I really helped by offering out butterscotch candy. I really don’t see how being 21 means I shouldn’t be knitting? Or crocheting, spinning, sewing. People are just ignorant to it. There’s an incredible amount of young people doing these crafts so what’s with the stigma still? I’m preaching to the choir here though, sorry guys.

The actual time in Glasgow was filled with training, socialising, and seeing a bit of the city centre, but I managed to fit in little bits of knitting before bed and in cafes. Between that and the journey home on Sunday afternoon I managed to finish almost one sock. Yesterday I finished the pair. And I love them.

They’re in a Regia colourway designed by Kaffe Fassett and I genuinely think it’s one of my favourites. Since I cast it on in the dark I didn’t actually get to see the colours until I made it to Glasgow in the early hours of Saturday morning. And I quite liked the added surprise.

I must have done longer legs than before because this time I needed a lot more yarn from the second 50g ball. Before I just needed the tip of the toe but this time I was a long way off.


Still, there’s enough left for another pair with different heels and toes so I’m happy!

It does feel kind off rubbish to not have been working on my WIP count. The current jumper is so close to being finished but I’m just not feeling it! Maybe I’ll work on something different, or maybe I’ll just keep knitting socks!

How’s everyone else’s motivation? Got any tips for persevering?

Oh, I almost forgot: my weekend was great. Cold and tiring, but great. Mostly cold though.

Car Knitting

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