Catch Up!

With the excitement featured in the last post and final year still happening I’ve missed documenting a finished project and the one I picked next!

I was so relieved when I finished all the knitting for the Shine DK jumper because I’d really had enough of finding knots in the yarn and working to colour match it. Especially considering I ran out of red bits when I really needed a red bit. You know, that’s probably my own fault for accidentally using too much red on one side of the front, but that’s not the point here. Though I don’t think this was the most annoying part of the project. That title goes to trying to wedge the sleeves into the arm holes.

Due to the nature of the sleeves with no shaping at the top it so almost perfectly worked with every one stitch to one and a half on the sleeve. So close. Yet so far. But it doesn’t matter anymore, because it fits, and it’s nice, you can barely see the weird lump forcing the sleeves in made! I’ve also been wearing it despite it looking so Christmassy, including to a girl date with Ellie yesterday at Annie’s Burger Shack!

The next WIP I I decided to carry on with is one I both love and hate. I love the yarn, a Washed Cotton DK by Patons which has an almost dappled effect. It’s soft but has a completely different feel to King Cole’s Cotton Soft and just seems super summery! Especially with the brightness of the turquoise colour way.

I’ve really struggled to make myself face the lace work properly, especially when socks are so much easier and quicker. And it is the year of the sock after all! But since I’ve done both sleeves I’m thinking of casting on the plain back so all that’s left of the garment is the front lace and hopefully the excitement will see me through!

I’ve also finished the sock from the train ride back from Manchester and even the second one. Some people, namely Steph of Nettynot, commented on the fact the socks I’ve been doing, whilst completing pairs, have all been newly cast on. I’ve got these two separate socks from last year and you’ll pleased to know I’m working on their matching ones now before any others:

Steph has also suggested documenting my remaining WIPs on here which I quite liked the idea of. I went through them all with Ellie after the suggestion and took pictures and remembered just how much I love them all and how close to completion many of them are. So look out for that blog post coming up!

But before that I really need to talk about Jem Weston’s book The Knitted Nursery and her kits. I’ve fallen in love, so that will definitely be next. And yes, she did break my casting on embargo, but once you’ve seen them you’ll see why!

I can’t believe it’s already mid March! Hope everyone’s making the progress they want!



Catch Up!

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