Back at it!

Hello! It has been so long and I’ve really missed this! This being not just the blog but the knitting itself! The truth is I haven’t had much time to do much of anything because it’s been the final stretch of University for me. However, I am now a free (supposed) adult and I just have endless amounts of time! I mean, it’s pointless to get a job when I’m going on holiday next month… right?

I did manage to do one thing though, a nice second sock. This is one of the first pairs I ever started knitting and I’m just happy to have finished them finally. But more than that I quite like the symmetry of finishing University and finishing a sock. It is the year of the sock after all.


I’m sticking by what I said in the last post though, the next post shall be about Jem Weston’s designs because I love them and it has been a very long time coming. I just need to finish one of her projects that I’m currently working on and I think I might just spend the rest of the day enjoying that whilst watching films and friends playing video-games.

I hope everyone’s doing well and making progress! Oh and anyone who has made it this far through Me Made May, well done!


Back at it!

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