New year, new attempts..?

Hello and happy new year to my little band of followers!

Whilst I’m firmly of the mind set that if you want to make a change there’s no time like the present, perhaps for the first time, this year I’ve come to understand why so many people wait for this “new year new me” mantra.

Let me explain; during this year I did a lot of things to be proud of. Two friends and I started a low-key business, I did my first qualification of British Sign Language, I took on a load more responsibilities at work, and, for around 4 incredibly well-balanced months, I was exercising daily and eating well. And then, well, it all got on top of me and I ended the year in a “just make it through to the holidays” slump. There were a lot of things I wanted to change, but as I had to put all my time and energy into just getting by on a daily basis I felt I couldn’t actually plan or action anything (I’m hoping this sounds at least slightly familiar to people and not just woefully melodramatic).

Basically, I’ve learnt how the brief festive respite where you can acceptably shirk all ususal responsibilites can be necessary to put yourself, mentally and physically, in a position where what you want to achieve is actually conceived as achievable.

So here we are. Seven unpublished previous attempts at getting back into this and what I’d hazard to be two years after my last blog post (I can’t actually bring myself to check that number)… But it’s better late than never?

Long story short: I’ve missed writing these little posts and the order they brought to my crafting.

Conclusion: We’re going to give it another go!

I hope everyone is feeling rested and ready for 2018 with their own lists of goals and things they want to achieve and do!

(p.s. I promise next time there’ll be more yarn. In the mean time here’s two adorable little Okapi’s me and the fella made for his Dad’s Christmas present this year).


New year, new attempts..?

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