I sat down to write this blog and realised I had nothing to say.

Or rather, I have lots to say but it’s chaotic; without direction or real point. And that is a good representation of what my crafting has become to be totally honest. With Christmas and customer orders my own knitting has kind of come to a stand still. Which basically means I’ve not made any real progress with anything I already had cast on or had the yarn for, but I have managed to find a whole multitude of new things I want to start… and somehow magically acquired yarns for the latter…

Actually, one thing I have managed to do, albeit after the time frame I set myself, is finishing all the squares for a 48 week long blanket knit-along from last year!

Moodykal Plan

The project is one of Jem Weston’s and is called the Moody Blanket Kal. It’s a blanket made up of 48 (or 24 for the smaller size) squares. Each square represents a week. Each week has seven (potential) stripes. Each stripe represents a day. Simple.

The plan is to knit your mood for the day, with the option of 5 colours covering a range of emotions from excitedly happy through to down-right sad. Not so simple.

I started strong, knitting each day as it happened, and slowly started aiming for just getting the weeks done on time, and then finally just getting them done at all.

Unfortunately, I had to stop all together during the final stretch as I simultaneously started a new job and had an impromptu Christmas Fair to craft for. But now all the squares are done! I’d hazard that the majority have their ends sewn in! And weeks 1-6 are sewn together with 7-13 blocking as we speak.

Week 1-6 Sewn upWeek 7-13 blocking

I guess writing this I’ve realised my next aim is to focus on getting my Moody Blanket finished, it’s so close! And this is exactly what I’ve missed about this little blog: finding the calm in the chaos long enough to find a direction.

I hope everyone is finding their own way this year too.

All the best.


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