Sometimes We Fall

But that doesn’t mean we failed!

Hello, it has been many months. Quite literally almost half a year, which is actually scary if you think about it long enough, so enough of that. I thought before diving into some of my fave vegan recipies I should talk about how I actually ended up being vegan this year and attempt to quickly gloss over the hiatus… I’m actually glad in a way that this has been delayed for some gained perspective and the chance to be completely honest about it.

Now, without further ado:

Around the holidays I was surrounded by lots of veggie/pescie/vegan peeps, had a veggie roast for a festive meal, and got to experience a bunch of amazing vegan-friendly goodies. I also heard a lot of talk about Veganuary and was interested by the concept. I wanted to shake up what I was eating, make healthier, conscious choices, and set myself a challenge. To be entirely honest I embarked on this journey for the purely selfish reason of wanting to get healthier and fitter.

Vegan sounded very daunting and I didn’t know much so I tried Vegetarian instead. Or I did for all of about 15 days when I cut out the dairy and eggs. I’m lactose intolerant and I’ve actually never been able to eat eggs if I think about what they are. Which raises the question: Why was I eating something that I had to actively not think about to stomach?!

At first I said I wouldn’t mind the ‘little bits of egg etc’ in Quorn products and all that, but I just couldn’t in good conscience eat it anymore. Even though I started this for myself, not the animals nor the planet, it’s really hard to undertake such a change and not learn some things.

It’s weird: now the very notion that animals are killed for food is baffling and awful to me, but it took learning some industry facts to come to that “realisation”. To discern that I fundamentally disagree with this incredibly ingrained aspect of society that I hadn’t even bothered to question before.

I don’t mean for this to be propaganda or aggressive, everyone has to make their own choices which suit them. I’m just trying to emphasise the change in thinking that can occur for some if given time. Personally I used to be sceptical of vegans who proclaimed their only regret was not doing it sooner and I really didn’t think it was that big a deal. Looking back on those thoughts feels like looking back on a whole different person. There isn’t one aspect of food that I miss out on, I lost a stone within a month of becoming vegan (which equates to over 4 and a half inches off my waist), and I just had a full blood work done to confirm I’m not deficient in anything. Luckily this lifestyle is something I can achieve consistently whilst I know there’s a multitude of circumstances and reasons why it doesn’t work for everyone. However, I do think environmental factors are something everyone can strive to be more aware of  because, as you know, it all adds up in the end.

Long story short: being Vegan helped me become a much healthier person, but it also taught me a lot about compassion for all life and the planet. I’ve since started focusing on eliminating plastic from daily life and just trying to have a nicer impact on our little Earth.

100% Recycled, Vegan, and Ethical 'Vegan Chick' tshirt from Well-Travelled Herbivore
100% Recycled, Vegan, and Ethical ‘Vegan Chick’ tshirt from Well-Travelled Herbivore

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Let me hear them.

All the best, Tone xo

P.s. To be clear, I did not lose the weight/inches by diet alone. I also walk for two hours a day with additional cardio, weights, and gym classes (usually HiiT). But it is worth noting last year I was doing all these things, much more consistently I might add, and yet frustratingly I’d found myself on a plateau.

Sometimes We Fall

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