Blanket Statements

I can’t believe I finished my Moody Kal Blanket in April and didn’t do a full post about it! So let’s get straight into some statistics:

48 Squares/Weeks > 7 Stripes/Days a Week > 336 Stripes/Days in Total


Before this project I had a tendency to reduce my moods to blanket statements. I’d often be caught woefully declaring that whole days, or even weeks, were just downright awful because we all know how the negative can speak volumes above the positive. But for this I had to reflect at the end of each day,  logically and with a desire to understand and grow.

Even then thoughts can be easily ignored. You know what can’t be ignored? Colourful, squishy stripes. Or percentages. I can’t believe only 20% of my days were the two upset moods! I remember every time I knit one of those darker blues days thinking that my whole blanket was going to be dark and gloomy. But look at it!

A wonderfully slanted, beautifully cropped picture of my Moodykal Blanket.
A wonderfully slanted, beautifully cropped picture of my Moodykal Blanket: Week 1 is top left.

I really enjoyed being a part of the knit-along group surrounding this project and watching everyone’s unique squares knit up on social media. I actualy posted 129 photos of my progress on Instagram! Which looks a little something like this:

121 Instagram Posts of my Moodykal in one image
Starting bottom right up to top left: 121 Instagram posts featuring my #MoodyKal

I’ve said before that I started really well, doing each day at a time, very mindfully, before life got in the way as it so often does and I ended up doing weeks at a time in bulk. Not only does this show in the above image, but it actually showed in the sizing of my squares when I got them all sewn up. Those from the start were noticeably smaller than their later counterparts, which I’m choosing to not be annoyed about because all in all, it tells a story. I usually pride myself on my tension, but it turns out I can only do that if I consistently do, or do not, think about it. Which is a cool thing to have learnt.

Whilst this project really worked for me I can see why it wouldn’t suit everyone. When times are hard it’s sometimes not the best option to sit each night and contemplate how you’ve felt. But I also think many people would surprise themselves with the amount of joy and not bad they can find in their lives if they’re able to track it in a positive way (afterall we all know the positive effects knitting is said to have on our well-being)!

Essentially, I cannot recommend this project enough! The end product and the end effect are both incredibly cosy and warm. Whilst the yarn is now discontinued, you can find the pattern on Jem Weston’s Ravelry for either 48 or 24 weeks. If undertaking the daunting task of tracking your moods isn’t your cup of tea, I recommend you check out Jem’s other patterns on Rav and knit kits in her shop. There’s definitely something for everyone and everything’s adorable.

All the best, Tones xo

Blanket Statements

3 thoughts on “Blanket Statements

  1. It looks beautiful!! I agree with all your reflections on the project and I’m so glad you took part and enjoyed it x

    I also love your use of ‘blanket statements’ for making statements about your blanket rather than blanket statements about your mood! X


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